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Amarcord [amarˈkɔrd] - noun

1. Deriving from the 1973 Italian film directed by Federico Fellini, it is a Romagnol neologism for "I remember".

2. A term that denotes nostalgic memory. 


Amarcord Studios was established in 2016 by four friends from London, with diverse backgrounds in Art History and Fashion. The company’s creation followed a discussion of the current influx of mass-produced and essentially meaningless ‘slogan-t’s’ flooding the market. Motivated by a shared love of literature, music, film and art from past eras, we select quotations that resonate and inspire, which are then hand-embroidered in our own handwriting script. Our aim being that each piece feels personal and precious.

Similarly to artworks, each t-shirt is numbered, with only a super-limited run available - ranging from 12 to 25 pieces -  for any given design.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone and our customers go away safe in the knowledge they are wearing something truly unique.


In the current climate of mass-production and consumerism, we create pieces that are not only made to last, but bypass the unrelenting cycle of trends.

In a word, they’re timeless.


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