We interview Charlie Siddick: Creative Director of Amarcord Studios

We talk to the model-turned-creative director to discuss girl power, social media and the merging of fashion and art in her pace-gaining clothing line


It has been said that an entire wardrobe can be built around one great white t-shirt - clean, cool and versatile. And, it’s just been transformed by Amarcord - the clothing brand helmed by hot young things, and gaining pace across the wardrobes of the cool kids of London. 

For its first major collaboration since launching in the autumn of 2016, the company has partnered with The Great Women Artists initiative to release a diptych two-piece collection, launching on International Women’s Day (8 March). There are only 35 pieces per design available, making them truly limited edition, artworks in their own right.

GWA x Amarcord from Jade Jackman on Vimeo.

The two t-shirts celebrate the resilience and renewed importance of female artists within the art historical canon, and notably the phenomenal impact of Louise Bourgeois and Frida Kahlo, who are immortalised through Amarcord’s unique use of hand embroidery.

We sat down with 23 year old Charlie Siddick, the model-turned-Creative Director of Amarcord to discuss the brand. 

Louise Bourgeois 'Art is a Guarunty of Sanity' t-shirt

"I think now more than ever, bringing visibility to and celebrating talented female creatives is incredibly important. The recent Women’s March and the general climate of sexism encouraged by Trump’s election, means this International Women’s Day is set to be more visible and powerful than those that came before."

"The selection of the Bourgeois and Kahlo illustrations and quotes was a collaborative effort between the Amarcord Team and Katy from @thegreatwomenartists, all of us have backgrounds in Art History, but wanted to chose quotes that resonate with a wide audience. ‘Art is a guaranty of Sanity’ is one of Bourgeois’s most iconic artworks, it’s been reproduced on magnets and notebooks sold in museums the world over, and acts as a sort of manifesto for anyone working within the creative industries. The spider is a powerful indicator of the artist’s success and also symbolises, the ‘mother’ for Bourgeoise, so it felt fitting. The Kahlo quote is just so beautiful, evocative and relatable, that once we found it, it was hard to seriously consider anything else." 

Frida and Diego illustration

On the Frida and Diego drawing:

"Frida and Diego had a notoriously difficult relationship but ultimately their passion for one another was a huge artistic motivator for them both as artists. I think it’s easy to look down upon love and romantic relationships as belittling to an artist’s independent spirit but quite often those sort of collaborative relations spur on creative talent."

On Amarcord's collaboration with the Great Women Artists:

"I’ve known Katy for nearly 10 years now! When she started GWA a couple of years ago, I was instantly a fan, I didn’t even realise she was behind it until a few months in. GWA is such an important account, bringing visibility to new and old female artistic talent, and it’s curated so well! Her posts always brighten my day and get me thinking."

Frida t-shirt

"Instagram is really important for us, we’re a small-scale company so all the work is divided between the four of us. Therefore Instagram is our form of PR and helps us connect with our customer. Our ethos carries a strong message and it’s so lovely to see people responding and relating to what we do. Social media helps us connect and collaborate with creative talent in a way that wouldn’t have been possible 5/10 years ago."

"I am forever and endlessly inspired by London! I’m lucky that my job allows me to travel but I can’t imagine my base being anywhere else right now. There’s so much young energetic talent here. For this collection we’ve made a really beautiful video where we discuss the project and it was created by an all female team. Throughout the process, I’ve been really moved by the way in which female creatives are willing to support and give up their time for other women’s work that they believe in." 

Charlie's three favourite places in London are Leighton House in Holland Park, Hampstead Heath and Babette in Peckham.

"I’ve been modelling since I was 15 so I feel really comfortable working within the fashion industry, but have always disliked the mass-produced, throw-away consumerist culture that it’s created. Art History really taught me to appreciate the notion of craft, the factory in Mumbai where we embroider the t-shirts is used by lots of the top high fashion designers, and the quality of the hand embroidery is insane, I like that idea of bringing crafts and technique to a non-luxury item like a t-shirt. Fashion is essentially a fantasy space for me, whereas interacting and viewing art is a grounding, meditative experience that has come to dictate the way I look at the world."

Purchase the Amarcord X GWA t-shirt diptych here from the 8 March

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